Woman Redeemed

Woman Redeemed: Mommy of a Miracle ft. Tessa Remaley Part One

August 08, 2023 Taylor Frankford Season 1 Episode 18
Woman Redeemed
Woman Redeemed: Mommy of a Miracle ft. Tessa Remaley Part One
Show Notes

Today on Woman Redeemed it gives me great pleasure to introduce the bright, bubbly, and passionate Tessa Remaley. 

Tessa is the ABLE Ministry representative for the state of Pennsylvania. Her passion for this incredible ministry of the UPCI comes out of her experiences of being the mother of her miracle, Bennett Remaley. Listen and be encouraged as she shares the testimony of Bennett's life, from being non-verbal and diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), to being told by his doctors that his diagnosis of ASD was miraculously gone. But, that is just the start of his story and the impact that his little life has had on his family, his church, and his world. 

But as much as this is about the miracle of Bennett, this episode is about Tessa and Jesus. It is the testimony of a mother who never gave up on her child. Who grabbed Jesus in one hand and her son in the other and walked by faith through uncertainty, fear, pain, and everything in between. She is taking the lessons she has learned along this overlooked and often avoided pathway and is reaching out to all those still in the middle of their own similar journey, broadcasting the love of Jesus, uplifting the superheroes found in the form of special needs mothers (and families), and sprinkling fidget toys like confetti.  

This is the first ever two-part episode on Woman Redeemed because this story, this ministry, and the beautiful soul of Tessa Remaley could not be contained in just one hour! So buckle up, and get ready for a conversation that will leave you laughing, crying, and praising Jesus for His goodness and His mercies. And don't worry! Even though it ends on a cliffhanger, next week on 8/15, part two is coming your way! 

Verses from Today's Episode:

"Jesus wept." - John 11:35

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